Black Lives Matter

#BlackLivesMatter: Statement From Porthole Cruise

Over the weekend, the streets of Miami stood in solidarity with the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota and dozens of other major cities around the country protesting police misconduct and systemic racism within law enforcement. The images and videos from media outlets across the country were powerful statements, and at times, difficult to watch.

Some have said “this” is too serious for Porthole Cruise to make a statement on, others have asked “What does this have to do with cruising?” 

Our response is- yes, this is serious. Systematic racism has everything to do with all of us. . . businesses included. We cannot stay silent. Change is not created from neutral ground, and brand image is not more important than condemning social injustice.  

It is our responsibility as a media company to stand up in solidarity for the value and worth of every human. We have the platform to condemn the violence, while supporting those who choose to exercise their right to protest in a moving show of non-violent expression. Acts of hatred and violence shouldn’t have to be caught on video for us to feel motivated to make equality and peace a priority in our lives. 

Black lives matter.

Working together towards peaceful resolutions begins with listening, understanding and appreciating the voices that aren’t being heard, but also, making a stand. A promise to our fans, our friends and our families from all over who can’t wait to set sail again. Everyone is welcome here.

Porthole Cruise