Seaplane Medical Evacuations for Cruise Ships in South Florida

In a recent development, cruise line guests and crew now have access to a medical seaplane service in partnership with REVA Air Ambulance and Tropic Ocean Airways.

This service allows for immediate medical evacuation from the smaller Bahamian Islands to the US for necessary medical treatment.

A recent incident on March 18, 2023, highlighted the effectiveness of this service when a 79-year-old US citizen experienced a cardiac arrest while on a cruise.

Thanks to the quick response of the ship’s medical team, the patient was resuscitated and stabilized before being transferred to the care of the REVA Air Medical Team led by experienced professional Steve Williams.

The team flew in on a seaplane and successfully transported the patient to Fort Lauderdale Airport, where they were taken to a local hospital for further treatment. Thanks to the timely and efficient response of all involved parties, the patient was able to fully recover and resume his normal activities within a short period of time.

The partnership between REVA Air Ambulance and Tropic Ocean Airways is a valuable resource for cruise line guests and crew, providing peace of mind and a swift response in times of need.

Bill Panoff is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Porthole Cruise and Travel magazine. A former cruise industry entertainer and cruise director, Bill spent decades at sea and is one of the world's foremost experts on all things cruise and travel.