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Royal Caribbean Helps You Discover Your Adventure Personality

Cruise News – Jan. 17, 2018

Royal Caribbean International is teaming up with CPP–The Myers-Briggs Company, an international authority on personality research, to create a way for travelers to navigate the possibilities for their next adventure from start to finish. Adventure seekers can visit through March to discover more about who they are and what places around the world would most likely excite them. The co-created quiz from Royal Caribbean and the Myers-Briggs team serves as a tool to guide adventurers in planning more fulfilling vacations.

“Royal Caribbean encourages everyone to act on their wanderlust,” said Jim Berra, chief marketing officer, Royal Caribbean International. “Now we’ve created a fun, engaging tool to help travelers do just that by digging into their adventure personality.”

The easy-to-complete, 13-question quiz draws on The Myers-Briggs Company’s knowledge of personality types, and specifically assesses a person’s underlying motivations and interpersonal needs that most affect their travel preferences. Once complete, quiz-takers receive a unique description of who they are as a traveler, along with insight into destinations and activities that best suit them — from relaxing in the Caribbean to dogsledding in Alaska.

“Vacations are one of the few times in life we’re truly allowed to focus on ourselves, so the more we know about our own personality type, the more relaxing and fun we can make them,” said Jeff Hayes, CEO, CPP–The Myers-Briggs Company. “Our research team and Royal Caribbean’s travel experts put their heads together and created a way to quickly map our personality preferences to travel planning, so that people can plan trips that will leave them recharged and rejuvenated.”

Myers-Briggs personality types lead you to cruise adventures.

The Adventure Personality quiz will be available during prime travel-planning season, known as “Wave Season” in the cruise industry, when the cruise line’s best offers are available for the year ahead.

Photo: Royal Caribbean International

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