Positive Polar: Cruising to Restore Ocean Wildlife and Climate

Positive Polar, a new expedition cruise company, is dedicated to transforming the concept of “travel shame” into “travel pride” as it enters the market. The company’s mission is to offer guests a unique travel experience while also contributing to healing the planet.


  • Through collaboration on science projects and lectures on climate restoration, guests can personally contribute to research on the Biological Carbon Pump (BCP) and make a positive impact on the environment.
  • The company primarily focuses on whale restoration, aiming to enhance biodiversity, increase biomass, and contribute to climate restoration by sequestering carbon.
  • Positive Polar is led by a team with experience in maritime operations, business, science, travel, and conservation. 
  • Hugo Hinrichsen, the Founder and CEO, is a reserve Frigate Captain from Chile with a background in polar operations as a sailor and helicopter pilot. 
  • Jennifer Bonilla, the Co-founder and President, is an investor with years of experience translating science for global impact in regulated industries.
  • Positive Polar’s advisory board includes Lagerweij, the current Chief Customer Officer (CCO) and former director of renowned expedition companies, Matthew Savoca, PhD, an Ecologist and Marine Biologist with notable publications on the impact of whales on ecosystems through prey consumption and nutrient recycling, Anton Alferness, an experienced engineer, contributes knowledge in climate change solutions, Nikki Baxendale, an award-winning artist and environmental advocate, leads the creative direction, and Philip Hunter, a seasoned expedition leader. 


Positive Polar introduces the Polar Angel, a recently acquired vessel that is currently being renovated to enhance guest experience and scientific capabilities. This ice-class 1B ship, formerly named Ocean Atlantic, is known for its strength in polar regions and maneuverability, providing access to secluded fjords. The renovated Polar Angel will feature a scientific laboratory and a “whaleness area” with a sauna, steam room, hot tubs, and a cold plunge pool.


  • Positive Polar supports the restoration of whale populations by providing its ship to renowned scientists who are researching factors affecting whale repopulation in the Southern Ocean and beyond.
  • Whales are crucial to the Biological Carbon Pump (BCP), which is essential for sustaining ocean life. 
  • Positive Polar partners with scientists to promote whale conservation, acknowledging their vital role in marine ecosystems.