Nod Pod

Nod Pod Helps Cruisers and Travelers Get Better Sleep

One thing many cruisers and vacationers alike struggle with is getting a good night’s sleep. It can be difficult to settle your body and mind after an exciting day exploring someplace new, but thankfully Nod Pod is here to revolutionize how we relax.

Nod Pod

Nod Pod Features | Photo: Nod Pod website screenshot

Nod Pod is unlike any other sleep aid in that it doesn’t require any medication or counting of sheep. Instead, it utilizes gentle pressure to calm the senses and promote a 100% natural night’s rest. If you have trouble relaxing or are worried that your sleep will be interfered with while on a cruise or while traveling, the Nod Pod is a convenient and effective way to change that.

Why Does Nod Pod Work?

It works thanks to a phenomenon called Deep Touch Pressure Simulation that allows your body to relax simply by feeling a gentle, constant pressure on the head, neck or face.

Have you ever seen an animal get upset during a thunderstorm? Usually what helps is wrapping them in a blanket and staying close-by for comfort. The gentle pressure of the blanket creates a calming sensation where your pet feels safe and secure. This is Deep Touch Pressure Simulation at work. Nod Pod uses the same idea to help humans relax and fall into a deep and refreshing sleep.

What is it Made Of?

Thanks to four microbead pockets which add weight, the gentle pressure is dispersed evenly across the face. A fleece and jersey cotton side lets you choose your comfort for an even better experience. It stays in place without velcro or other uncomfortable fasteners thanks to very simple design where one end loops into the other.

It’s safe and easy to use for people of all ages. It’s also fully machine washable and dryer safe for added convenience. If you struggle with sleep while on vacation or at home, Nod Pod is a great item for you!