Millennial Vacations

Millennial Vacations Shifting Towards Cruising

When millennials put down their avocados long enough to plan a vacation, a growing number of them are skipping the music festivals and backpacking tours for something completely different; cruising. On average, millennial vacations are few and far between, but when then do decide to take a trip, cruising is attractive for a number of reasons.

Why are Millennials Taking Cruises?

The shift to cruising relates to a number of different factors like price, convenience and a large effort on the part of cruise lines to outfit and market their ships to a younger generation.

For the amenities, cruises are some of the most affordable vacations. When you factor in the costs of staying at a hotel, meals, and attractions like theme parks, a week long vacation can easily cost thousands for two people. Cruise ships include things like meals and entertainment with the cost of your room and upgrading to perk packages for things like drinks means you can leave your wallet in your room most of the trip.

Millennial Vacations

SkyPad at Night | Photo: Royal Caribbean International

Ship upgrades are another big reasons millennial vacations are shifting to cruising. Royal Caribbean is one such company that’s looking to cater to a younger demographic, recently completing $120 million upgrades to Mariner of the Seas. Features like the Skypad virtual reality trampoline, an escape room, laser tag arena and a surfing simulator, along with numerous bars and restaurants make cruising just as fun as it is relaxing.

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The convenience of cruising is something which draws millennials as well. Everything you could possibly need is right on board and with stops in multiple ports, there’s always something new to explore without making a ton of different travel plans. Shore excursions and more are all planned for you so all you need to do is show up!  

Cruising isn’t just for grandma anymore and millennials are leading the way to a new era of cruise vacation!

-Evan Gove