Join Azamara Cruises for a Worldwide Adventure in 2026!

Azamara Cruises has unveiled its 2026 World Cruise onboard Azamara Onward. On January 6, 2026, depart from Miami, Florida and explore 35 countries!Additionally the cruise includes 55 late nights and over nights, 60 extended days, and 13 exclusive events, providing  a rich and immersive exploration of the world. 

“We are thrilled to welcome our world cruisers on this journey of a lifetime,” said Carol Cabezas, President of Azamara. “Our 2026 World Cruise offers our guests the unique opportunity to uncover a new perspective on a wide variety of cultures and visit all seven wonders of the world, while enjoying some of the most exclusive and specially curated events throughout this exciting itinerary.”

Featured attractions include: 

  • Chichen Itza:  Visit Mexico and immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of the Mayans 
  • Christ the Redeemer: Explore panoramic views of the Sugar Loaf Mountain, breathtaking Iguazu falls, and Easter Island statues
  • Taj Mahal: This building in India stands as a testimony of love and is part of the day’s deep dive into India’s vibrant culture.
  • Colosseum: Visit the site of gladiator fights and taste mouth watering Italian cuisine 
  • The Great Wall of China: One of the Seven Wonders of the World and a great piece of architectural history 
  • Petra: Explore the lost city of Petra in what is now Aqaba, Jordan. A UNESCO World Heritage site and once a forbidden city. 
  • Machu Picchu: Traverse through Inca palaces and historical sites while viewing breathtaking views  and tasting Peruvian cuisine.

Guests will be treated to a variety of perks including exclusive world cruise events, $4000 world cruise onboard credit, pre cruise benefits ( e.g. airfare credit), laundry services, cultural nights, and more.

For more information about the cruise and amenities offered for guests, please click here

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by Kashaf Rashid