For a Healthier Trip, Avoid This Common Mistake

Drinking enough water throughout the day is something we could all improve at. Water plays a crucial role in how our body functions both mentally and physically, so when you’re dehydrated, you’re not operating at peak performance.

It’s hard enough to drink 8 glasses on a regular day, but what about when you’re traveling? Air travel in particular leaves people parched as the recycled air on planes is very dry. It’s important to do everything possible to combat dehydration during travel so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Here are some of the best tips for staying hydrated when you’re on the go.

Travel Tips

Bring Your Own Bottle

Bring an Empty Bottle

This one is pretty basic. You may not be able to bring liquids through security, but you can bring an empty bottle and fill it up at a water fountain once you’re through. A bottle of water on hand means you can continually hydrate throughout the trip whenever you’re feeling thirsty. Bringing your own reusable bottle also helps save some money on overpriced airport bottled water.

Skip the Bar

Not everyone is cool, calm and collected on airplanes. Many find the process stressful and that means stopping off at the bar before a flight. However, alcohol dehydrates the body and can leave you in rough shape the next day. Instead of a vodka or gin, stick with soda water and spruce it up with a lemon or lime. Your body will thank you later!

It’s also smart to avoid sugary drinks and caffeine which can bring hydration levels down. Salty drinks like tomato juice are even worse. Stick with water or sports drinks with electrolytes for the best results.

Travel Tips

Fruit Keeps You Hydrated

Eat Something!

We get a portion of our hydration throughout the day from the food that we eat. Eating meals with a high water content, like fruit salad or a vegetable platter, can help add an extra burst of hydration to your day. It’s smart to have fruit for breakfast before you travel or pack an apple for a snack later. Traveling often means eating at unusual times, so a snack is a great idea to keep your energy levels up!

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— Evan Gove