Collapsible bottles from Hydaway

Have Stuff, Will Travel

By Marcia Raffel Levin

Bottle Babies

Water bottles for little ones have come a long way, baby. Reusable, collapsible, portable, and adaptable for travel, the 12-oz. Hydaway water bottles are made from food-grade silicone so they’re flexible, BPA-free, and the stable base (which can even be personalized with a child’s name) keeps it from tipping over. The bottles collapse to a height of about one inch so they can be easily stashed in a pocket or carry bag. Choose from bold colors including Very Berry, Cool Breeze, and Hot Lava.

It’s a Shoe-In

Hawaii is a destination where natural beauty, fashion, and social conscience coexist, and OluKai is a Hawaiian company that’s paired a commitment to conservation in the Pacific Islands with a collection of men’s and women’s shoes that range from sandals to boots. Each product is named with Hawaiian words, which is the company’s way of spreading and preserving the culture for future generations. Using fine natural leathers, the shoes reflect the upbeat style and comfort of island dress.

Silky Sleep

Brave Era’s 100 percent silk travel sheet folds to the size of a cell phone and makes any bed a luxury, especially for those with sensitive skin. The silky sheet is easy to wash, air dries quickly, is hypoallergenic, and temperature regulating. It’s a wonderful indulgence to add to your cruise packing list.

Tap This App

Where’s The Umbrella?

If you want to know the weather when you pull into port, the free AccuWeather: Weather for Life app for iPhone and Android provides hyper-localized minute-by-minute forecasts so you’ll know whether to grab the sunscreen or the umbrella upon disembarking your ship.

Photo: Hydaway Kids Group

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