French Country Waterways

French Country Waterways Celebrates 35 Years of Cruising

Congratulations to French Country Waterways!

What did you do for your 35th birthday? Imagine sipping a lovely glass of Bordeaux while actually in the famed wine region of France. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, for the past 35 years, French Country Waterways has offered that experience and more on their river cruise tours of France on their sleek and stylish barges designed specifically for the waterways they navigate. 

 French Country Waterways

Few places impress like France

Culinary River Cruises

French Country Waterways curates cruise vacations centered on delighting taste buds. Skilled chefs onboard blend classic cooking techniques with lighter, healthier cuisine in a synthesis of fresh, creative dishes, and offer up more than two dozen fine wines, including more than half bear Grand and Premier Cru labels, and more French cheeses than you even know what to do with. Bilingual crew make choosing your wine and meal pairing simple and fruitful, even if you aren’t well versed in vino-culture.

French Country Waterways

Cuisine on board French Country Waterways

Small Ship Cruising

One very unique feature of a French Country Waterways tour is the small passenger count, only between 8 and 18 per ship. They are built for travelers who want to become acquainted with provincial France in an intimate and authentic way, away from crowds and the pressures of modern life.

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Enjoy private tours and wine tastings, Michelin-starred dinners where passengers enjoy an amazing meal and leave with a chef-signed copy of the menu, private transportation to and from the sights, independent walks or bicycle explorations along the canal-side tow path, all contribute to the incredible atmosphere of relaxation and serenity. 

 French Country Waterways

A French Country Waterways Barge

After 35 years of cruising, you can rest assured that French Country Waterways knows what they’re doing. From floating by serene pastures to exploring medieval villages, these cruises are a truly unique adventure.

Remember, life’s too short to not eat and drink like royalty while on vacation!