Five Faves: Bountiful Barbados

Bountiful Barbados

Five things you MUST eat and drink when your cruise calls on Bridgetown.

We believe that the best way to appreciate the true local flavor of a new destination is to actually … well … taste it. From patties in Jamaica to ceviche on Cozumel, we’re big fans of Caribbean cuisine. And when we’re in Barbados, here are the five things we simply MUST eat and drink before we say bye-bye to Bridgetown.

A fish cutter from Cuzz on Pebble Beach, Bridgetown, BarbadosFish Cutter Bajans call sandwiches “cutters,” and the classic cutter comes from a tiny beachfront shack, where a father and son have been serving up fish cutters for more than 60 years. Head for Cuzz’s on Pebble Beach, where fresh marlin filets are lightly fried, nestled on a pillowy-soft salt-bread bun, and topped with a slice of cheese for just $9. Dress yours with a drizzle of honey mustard or Bajan hot sauce and dig in to Barbados’ tastiest bargain.


Barbados' Banks BeerBanks Beer There’s nothing like cracking open a cold one on a sweltering Caribbean day. And in Barbados, your first choice should be the local brew, Banks. It’s a pilsner-style lager made with water that’s filtered through the island’s coral stone. Bajans have been enjoying it for 50 years; you can start now.


Bread-and-Two What’s better than a fried-fish sandwich? Another one! This time it’s bread-and-two, a local sandwich made from chewy salt bread (which, curiously, tastes slightly sweet) and deep-fried cod fish cakes, of which there are (you guessed it) two. You’ll find them everywhere, from gas stations to roadside stands, so there’s no excuse not to try one.

Souse, a Barbados stapleSouse OK, so pickled pork doesn’t sound that appetizing, but trust us, it’s really good. A traditional meal that dates from the colonial era and is now usually made on a Saturday, souse comprises boiled pork (usually pork belly) that’s sliced and then bathed in a lime, cucumber, and hot pepper marinade. (Think ceviche, but meatier.) Sop up the tangy juices with a side of starchy breadfruit, and if you’re really adventurous, ask for your souse with “features” (pig’s feet, snout, and ears).

Sweetbread Satisfy your craving for something sweet with this traditional loaf-shaped cake made with grated coconut, almonds, and vanilla essence. You can buy sweetbread to take with you from bakeries and supermarkets across the island, and once you get back home, a generous slice with your morning cup of coffee is the sweetest souvenir of your Barbados adventure.

— Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon (aka JetSetSarah)

Photos: Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon

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