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Cruise Wisdom: Socializing At Sea

Cruise Wisdom: Socializing At Sea

By Cindy O’Neil

PH 189Q: My husband and I are getting ready to sail on our first cruise in a few months. We are concerned about meeting people and making friends once we get on board. Can you share some secrets to finding other passengers to hang around with? – Janice, Tucson, AZ

A: The most important factor of any cruise I’ve ever taken is, hands down, my fellow passengers. They can make or break the entire voyage. The cruise line and the ship pale in comparison to the people whom I’ve had the privilege of sharing my adventures. Your cruisemates are the most valuable commodity your ship has to offer. Feel free to make the most of this golden opportunity to make new pals!

As a gal who sails solo most of the time I can offer quite a few tried-and-true tips for making new buddies at sea. First and foremost, you need to put yourself out there. Don’t worry about what others will think of you. Everyone else is in the exact same boat, literally. Revel in the excitement of the unknown, and just let yourself go.

Every cruise gives you the opportunity to make new life-long friends, people who share your passion for the sea, the new and the, as yet, unknown. Don’t squander something so precious. You just may find yourself running into the same passengers again and again throughout your life.

SHIP-SPONSORED SHORE EXCURSIONS: This past August, my cousin and I boarded Carnival Breeze for an eight-night Southern Caribbean cruise. After chomping down a quick burger, we headed to the aft swimming pool. I no sooner planted myself in a lounge chair when the woman sitting two seats over said, “Oh my God, Cindy. I can’t believe you are on this cruise, too!”

Donna and I had spent a glorious April day together on a beach in Antigua….

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