A wild donkey at Aruba's Baby Beach. Christina Hunting.

Cruise Control: Which Beach in Aruba? Baby Beach! (Video)

You finally made it to nearly all the islands the Beach Boys sing about… but there’s just one left. You’re crossing Aruba off your list!

Imagine docking at the port of Oranjestad. When you disembark the ship, you look around to see the streets flooded with colorful buildings and shopping tourists. The glittering storefronts invite you in, but all you want is a beautiful beach to dive into.

Here Comes the No. 1 Cruise Passenger Dilemma:

Where to go? How do you pick the right beach?

  1. You could jump into a cab and ask them to take you away from the crowd.
  2. You could go to the first beach that pops up on Google. #TouristTrap
  3. Or… you can turn on Cruise Control, and make your way to BABY BEACH

Have you heard of Baby Beach? If you are looking for a beach off the beaten path, and away from the cruise-ship crowds, this is the beach for you. Its pristine waters invite you in for a swim, while musical vibes from the local bar wade out to sea. The beach has had a bad rap in the past, but, from one pro cruiser to another, it’s worth the visit. It’s so far away from the tourist crowds that even wild donkeys come by to visit you as you roll up in your car.

But back to the beach talk – crystal waters, and OH the snorkeling!

Just a few yards into the water is a cove, protected from the tide, that hosts a wide array of sea life. In just a few minutes of snorkeling, you can see a number of colorful fish and keep your eyes peeled for moray eels!

SNORKELING CAUTION: Outside of the protected cove, the tidal currents can be dangerous, so I suggest not venturing too far out during rough weather.

Perks for the less-adventurous include relaxing shade palapas and umbrella drinks provided by the Flintstones-themed Big Mama Grill Bar.

Been to Aruba? Been to Baby Beach? Share your stories in the comments below!

A wild donkey at Aruba's Baby Beach. Christina Hunting.

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