Colombia Unveils New Destinations to Explore in Upcoming Cruise Season

Colombia announces that the upcoming cruise season, ending in June 2024 will showcase emerging destinations within the Colombian territory with arrivals in iconic cities such as Cartagena, Santa Marta, and Buenaventura.

The cruise industry is an important source of tourism for Colombia and is part of the reason why  Colombia  is now one of the world’s popular  destinations. Additionally, the industry has an economic impact close to 50 million dollars, signaling its importance to the national economy and why it is essential that the upcoming cruise season showcases  iconic destinations within Colombian territory.

According to data provided by  port authorities and the cruise industry, 220 calls from at least 30 cruise lines from countries such as The United States, Norway, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, and Monaco are expected in Colombia in the following months, translating to an estimated 334,000 passengers visiting the country during this season, which ends in June 2024.

Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Holland America, Celebrity Cruises, MSC, AIDA are some of the cruise lines that will have a presence during the season.

Meanwhile, efforts are being made with local communities and authorities in Cabo de la Vela to initiate a plan to receive four cruise ship arrivals from Emerald Cruises, Noble Caledonia, and Hurtigruten during the first half of 2024.

As mentioned before, cruise ships will explore iconic destinations such as Cartagena, Santa Marta, and Buenaventura, representing a significant advancement for tourism in Colombia. Additionally, Buenaventura, one of the ports in the Colombian Pacific, will receive its first expedition cruise ship from the Plantours cruise line in November 2023.

“This achievement is the result of our strategy to explore and promote non-traditional destinations that are emerging as hidden gems with immense potential to captivate and enchant cruise passengers. This commitment confirms our dedication to diversification and innovation in the cruise industry, offering travelers unforgettable experiences in places that have not yet been fully discovered,” added Carmen Caballero, President of ProColombia, the promotion agency of the country, part of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism.

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by Kashaf Rashid