5 Ways to Spend the Day in St. Kitts

If you look up the word “paradise” in the dictionary, a photo of St. Kitts would not be out of place. This spectacular Caribbean island offers a delightful mix of fun, relaxation and natural beauty wherever you turn. As we inch closer to cruising’s return, the island is gearing up to welcome back curious tourists looking to explore this tropical paradise. Earlier this month, the local government announced looser restrictions for fully vaccinated travelers as part of a phased reopening with the goal of a full reopening on October 2021.

If you’re looking for a vacation experience unlike any other, St. Kitts is one island that needs to be on your bucket list. Here are five of the best things to do when visiting St. Kitts!

Visit to Caribelle Batik

One of the most popular souvenirs visitors to St. Kitts take home with them is a type of fabric known as batik. These products are long-lasting and beautiful and made right on the island by a company called Caribelle Batik. First produced in 1976, Caribelle Batik products are made using an ancient method developed in Indonesia for creating high-quality, long lasting cotton fabrics. Caribelle Batik is found at Romney Manor, an estate which was once owned by Samuel Jefferson, the great great, great grandfather of Thomas Jefferson. Guests who visit the manor can watch batik artists demonstrate the technique and offer a complete history of the fabic-making process. 

Photo: St. Kitts Tourism

Brimstone Hill, World Heritage Site

St. Kitts is home to Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, a very well preserved fortress and UNESCO World Heritage site which dates back to the late 1600’s. Built by the British on a hill overlooking the island’s eastern shore, the fortress was at one point considered to be impenetrable to outside forces and many of the structures are still standing today. Visitors can enjoy the museum on site as well as tour the buildings and take pictures next to the antique cannons which still sit along the fortress walls. 

St. Kitts

Brimstone Hill Fortress and National Park | Photo: St. Kitts Tourism

Zipline Through the Rainforest 

For those who love adventure, there’s nothing better on St. Kitts than taking a ziplining tour through the rainforest. The island’s mountains offer an incredible view for intrepid zipliners who soar hundreds of feet over the tree canopy and the remains of the island’s old sugar plantations. The longest zipline on the island measures an astounding 1350 feet and flies 250 feet above the ground. Zipline guides offer detailed information about the island and its ecosystem so you know more about the island than when you arrived. 

Zipline St. Kitts

Sky Safari Tours | Photo: St. Kitts Tourism

Beach Day 

Spending a day on a Caribbean beach is just about the most relaxing thing you can do. St. Kitts’ beautiful sandy beaches offer views of sister island Nevis and the warm, crystal blue waters are sure to sooth and rejuvenate your soul. The island is full of beaches, but the best are found on the island’s southern peninsula. For those who want to kick back and catch some rays, Banana Bay, South Friars Bay and Sandy Bank Bay are three of the best for a relaxing beach day. If you’re looking for fun in the water, Dieppe Bay Beach and White House Bay have excellent snorkeling among protected reefs. 

St. Kitts

Spend the day on a St. Kitts beach | | Photo: St. Kitts Tourism

Scenic Railway Experience

A highlight for visitors to St. Kitts is a trip along the island’s Scenic Railway. Also known as “Sugar Train”, the experience takes guests on a 3-hour tour across the island by train and sightseeing bus. The train was first built in the early 1900’s as a way to transport sugar from the plantations to the capital city of Basseterre where it would be loaded on ships and sent all over the world. The experience has been called one of the most beautiful train rides in the world thanks to the gorgeous and untouched tropical landscapes. The train rolls past some of the island’s most popular destinations like St. Paul’s Village, Brimstone Hill Fortress and the resting place of English colonialist Sir Thomas Warner and Samuel Jefferson, the great, great grandfather of United States President Thomas Jefferson.

St. Kitts Scenic Railway

St. Kitts Scenic Railway | Photo: St. Kitts Tourism 

St. Kitts is a destination in the Caribbean that offers something fun for everyone. Whether you want to explore something new or enjoy a relaxing day in a tropical paradise, St. Kitts is the island for you





This article was sponsored by the St. Kitts Tourism Authority.