5 Tips For Making Friends At Sea

Whether you’re cruising by yourself, with your family, or in a large group, making friends at sea is one of the best ways to get the most out of your vacation. Cruising allows you to meet different types of people from all over the world! Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, this guide will give you ideas about how to meet new people on your cruise vacation. If you’d like to learn more about how to make friends on a cruise ship, keep reading! 

Join Your Itinerary’s Facebook Group

Surprisingly, many cruisers don’t realize the benefits of connecting with fellow travelers before they set sail!  Joining these groups allows guests to interact with potential cruise friends, plan events, and share valuable insights from experienced cruisers. Many guests organize room crawls (where they can see different types of staterooms and suites), group pulls at the casino, and bar crawls! Not only will you embark on your cruise recognizing familiar faces, but you’ll also gain valuable knowledge for your journey. 

Participate In A Bar Crawl 

As mentioned above, bar crawls are often organized in advance through Facebook groups. They provide an excellent opportunity to meet numerous new people quickly! Typically, these events take place on the first or second night of the cruise, allowing ample time to bond with your newfound cruise buddies. Bar crawls are sometimes themed, making it easy to blend in and enjoy the company of like-minded bar-crawlers. If you’re interested in attending a bar crawl and there hasn’t been one scheduled, don’t hesitate to take the initiative and plan one for the group. Cheers to making the most of your cruise and making new connections!

Join In On The Trivia Fun

Trivia is an excellent way to meet many new people while enjoying fun facts! These events are usually highly popular, so arriving early is advisable to secure your spot. Cruise trivia is often themed, so be sure to check your cruise schedule in advance to prepare for the specific topics. Additionally, other groups may be seeking extra members, making it a perfect opportunity to make new friends while participating in this event. 

Eat At The Main Dining Room

There is nothing that bonds cruisers more than the delicious food offered onboard! On any large cruise ship, guests can enjoy the complimentary main dining rooms. If you are cruising solo, it is highly likely that you will be seated with a group of other passengers. Groups of 4 or more are usually seated together with their initial party. The main dining room provides a wonderful opportunity for cruisers to make new friends over dinner. 

Join In On Organized Mixers 

Practically every major cruise line hosts nightly events specially designed for solo or single travelers, as well as those seeking like-minded friends! These mixers typically last for about an hour and often conclude at one of the onboard bars. Guests can expect to meet people from a range of ages and countries. Whether you enjoy alcoholic drinks or not, these social gatherings provide an excellent opportunity to bring together individuals open to making new friends. 

Making friends on a cruise can be challenging if you’re unsure where to begin! Here are some additional ideas for places and activities to meet new friends: trying group excursions, attending wine and spirit tastings, and participating in group fitness classes. With numerous people eager to make friends, approach the experience with a positive attitude and make an effort to engage with as many people as possible. But most importantly, have fun! 

What is your favorite spot to make new friends on a cruise ship? Let us know in the comments below! 

By Danielle Morris