5 Best Things About Surprising Mom with a Cruise

In October of last year, my mother turned 60 years young. I, with the help of family and friends, surprised her with a birthday dinner at one of her favorite restaurants. After a dinner full of laughs and joy, Ma was presented with an abundance of presents. I saved mine for last.

With the camera rolling, I watched with overwhelming anticipation as my mother opened my card that was filled with written expressions of love and appreciation for her. The left side of the card was covered with a piece of paper as it would reveal my gift for her. As Mom finished reading my words, she looked at me and said, “Can I flip the paper now?”

I nodded.

I could hardly contain my glee as I watched her eyes bulge and a gasp escape from her mouth when she realized that her gift was a five-day cruise to the Bahamas – paid for by me. It was the latest installment in our #AdventuresWithMumphrey series.

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February 6th of this year, we set sail on the Carnival Ecstasy, headed to Princess Cays and Nassau Bahamas. It was a priceless vacation experience and one I’ll never forget.

1) Mom’s Excitement

My mother had never been on a cruise, though she’s talked about it for years. Particularly, she’s mentioned wanting us to take one together as Mother and Daughter. Since the timing was finally right, I set the plan in motion without hesitation.

There was approximately three and a half months between the time she found out and when we left. I immensely enjoyed answering her questions, watching her prep and seeing her get in vacation mode. When we boarded the ship and headed to the Lido Deck Dining Hall, she turned to me and said, “We just get whatever we want?” Yes, I told her with a smile. I knew this was going to be an experience neither of us would ever forget.

2) Adventuring Together

We went to comedy shows, game shows, shopped, listened to music, danced, played in the Caribbean Sea, got passport stamps, ate a lot especially ice cream, tried new foods, met new people, relaxed and explored the seemingly endless ship.

Carnival Ecstasy

A View of Carnival Ecstasy | Photo: Carnival Cruise Line

3) Bonding

My mother and I did a lot of this in our room. We also did a lot of laughing. Our main topics of discussion were what we did that day, the food, people we’d met on the ship, what our cats were probably doing back home, the peace we felt and our overwhelming sense of gratefulness.

4) Her Glow

I can’t put into words how it made me feel to be able to give my mother this gift and watch her enjoy it. I can probably sum it up by saying her radiance that resides within shined brightly as she allowed herself to live in the moment.

5) The Overall Experience

If you’ve never taken your mother on a cruise and you’ve got an opportunity to do so, do it! It’s an experience that keeps on giving long after you’ve gotten back to reality.

-Kassaundra Shanette Lockhart

Kassaundra Shanette Lockhart is a writer, certified personal trainer, communication consultant, motivational speaker and occasional DJ. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, running, eating, traveling, adventure and sports. See more of her published works. 

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