Your Golden Years: Finding the Right Senior Cruise

Travel. That’s often the one thing on the minds of those who trade in their ties, conference calls and commutes for the life of leisure at 65 years old. Retirement affords people plenty of time to take a trip like a cruise, but with so many travel options available, many need help finding the right senior cruise for the perfect vacation.

If you’re retired and thinking about taking a trip, finding the right senior cruise starts with asking yourself a few questions like the ones below.

Do you want to see something new?

Do you want to relax or have an adventure?

Is food and drink a primary interest?

Do you want to learn a new skill?

All these questions and more can help you narrow down your choices and find the cruise which suits your needs.

Options, Options, Options

Different Cruise Ship Options

Cruise ships are diverse in their size, amenities, ports of call and shore excursions. Some cruises cater to families with children, others are strictly adults only. Finding the right senior cruise starts with thinking about what your ideal vacation looks like. Water slides, go-karts and all you can eat cheeseburgers are just some of the innovations on the behemoth ships of today, but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, particularly when it comes to retirees.

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Smaller ships, usually less than 1,000 people, offer a more intimate cruising experience where the focal point revolves around culture, cuisine and new experiences. Many smaller ships offer the same amenities as larger ships, like onboard spa services, pools, fitness centers and more, but with far fewer people sharing the experience.

Some smaller ships take luxury to a whole new level thanks to private dining rooms, staterooms and verandas which all face the water and even classes on board for learning new skills like Tai Chi, cooking, music and more.

Destination Matters

Cruise Ship Vacation

Choose Your Destination

For those looking to visit someplace new and different, a cruise offers the perfect opportunity. Cruise ships are essentially floating hotels which traipse the world with their passengers. Traveling from port to port affords passengers a fresh experience each day, unlike staying in a traditional hotel. From the tropical paradise of the Caribbean to the glistening glaciers of Alaska, there’s no shortage of cruise itineraries to choose from depending on your personal levels of wanderlust.


Finding the right senior cruise is a matter of asking yourself what your interests are. There are so many wonderful cruise ship lines all over the world, each with properties which make them unique. Really, you can’t go wrong!

— Evan Gove