Vitamin Sea: Reconnect Without Tech

How to disconnect from technology and reconnect with your loved ones at sea.

By Natasha Burton

Going on vacation is an ideal opportunity to bring the passion back into your partnership. The chance to unwind and experience another place — together — can give you just the change of pace you need to truly connect again.

Cruising in particular can really help you disconnect from the everyday stresses of life as you find serenity on the high seas and have the opportunity to visit interesting places along the way. Here’s how to make the most of your cruise so you and your partner can reap the romantic benefits of your travels, from the time you board the ship until the day you disembark.

Put Away Your Technology

Consider using the safe in your stateroom for more than just your jewelry and lock away your phones during your cruise. According to a 2016 Baylor University study on how smartphone use impacts people’s love lives, looking at your device — instead of at your partner — while you’re spending time together can lead to lower relationship satisfaction and higher levels of depression. Minimizing your phone use will not only help you relax and stay in vacation mode, it will also allow you to better enjoy each other’s company.

On a similar note, commit to leaving your laptops at home. If you really need to check in with work or want to let family members know when you’re in port, you can use the ship’s community computers. Since you have to share them with other passengers, there’s less of a chance you’ll waste an hour of precious cruise time scrolling through Facebook once the task at hand is complete.

Choose a New Adventure

Excursions provide many opportunities to discover different cultures, have unique experiences, and see unforgettable sites. Though exploring a port on your own can certainly be fun, browse the shore excursion offerings and consider breaking outside your typical vacation comfort zone.

Research shows that sharing new experiences can help couples get back to that exciting, whirlwind stage of….

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