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Vitamin Sea: Cruising Solo

Tips for turning cruising solo into a healthy vacation retreat

By Sherry Laskin Kennedy

Ahhhhh, a solo getaway: the cure for the overworked and overstressed to decompress. For a vacation that’s known for abundant food, dozens of bars, and round-the-clock activities, it’s easy to mistake a cruise as anything but a healthful getaway. But with a little planning and some insider tips, a solo cruise can be as soothing as the most relaxing wellness retreats and you’ll be able to relax, rejuvenate, and return home refreshed.

You Are What You Eat

Whether or not you need to lose weight, with so many dining options you have the ability to pick and choose your way to better health. You can order meals with no- or low-sodium, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, and vegetarian. Sodium alone can cause a five-pound weight gain on a 7-night cruise! Be more mindful about your choices, and you’ll avoid the excess that goes along with overindulging.

When cruising solo, there’s no one to interfere with your dietary goals. You won’t hear, “Try this soufflé” or “Just order seconds.” You’re more in control of your food choices, so if it’s a week of going vegan that you’d like to try, let someone else do the food preparation as you enjoy the results. Almost all cruise lines offer a heart-healthy or spa-themed option on their menus. Look for a little icon next to each offering that designates healthy dining.
Dining alone is….

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