Tried & True: Johnny Jet Travel Tips

Tried and True

Travel expert Johnny Jet answers your most common questions

Traveling 150,000 miles a year, it’s no wonder Johnny Jet knows a thing or two about the subject. From money-saving tips to how to get an upgrade, he’s constantly asked travel-related questions from both first-time and experienced travelers. So in each issue, we’re bringing you answers to your most frequently asked questions in order to make your next trip even smoother.

How can I avoid the dreaded middle seat?
No one likes the middle seat on any airplane. After all, who wants to get stuck between two strangers in a cramped space? But when airlines began cutting back capacity, flights began going out with very few empty seats, which means the chances of getting a middle seat are much greater. However, if you follow these tips, you can almost guarantee you won’t be the sucker stuck in the worst seat on the plane.

1. Research. To find out which seats are the best on a particular aircraft, go to or, which highlight the best seats, list exactly how much legroom and pitch each has, and indicate if….

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Photo: Johnny Jet

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