Thirsty? Virgin Sailors Can Shake for Champagne (VIDEO)

Did you know that there are around 49 million bubbles in a single bottle of champagne? Virgin Voyages wants their sailors to experience each and every one with their new Shake for Champagne service. With just a shake of their smartphone, Virgin sailors can have Möet Chandon Impérial delivered anywhere on board Scarlet Lady when she debuts in early 2020.

Save Water, Drink Champagne App

“There’s nothing more luxurious than having champagne at your beck and call or even a shake. We are committed to creating the world’s most irresistible travel brand, so we thought long and hard about how to help our Sailors effortlessly get a sip of bubbly during their voyage, and presto Shake for Champagne was conjured up!” said Nathan Rosenberg, CMO for Virgin Voyages.

Aptly named “Save Water, Drink Champagne”, the new campaign centers around a secret button that appears on the Virgin Voyages app when the device is given a quick shake by the user while the app is up and running.  Simply press the button that appears and in a matter of moments, you’ll be sipping bubbly watching the waves roll by without a care in the world. Served in an iconic red bucket, the brand’s signature color, guests receive a bottle of Möet Chandon Impérial and two glasses.

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“It is never too early for champagne and there is always something to toast to while aboard Scarlet Lady. We want our Sailors to enjoy a glamorous holiday and what better way to feel like a RockStar than a sip of bubbly whenever and wherever you want it,” said Tom McAlpin, president and CEO of Virgin Voyages.




Sip, A New Caviar Bar and Champagne Lounge

Enjoying the finer things in life is something everyone wants to experience on a cruise. Virgin Voyages is taking things to the next level with a new caviar and champagne spot for their sailors called Sip. Enjoy glasses of champagne starting at $9 per glass all the way up to $1,000 bottles of vintage bubbly. As Virgin is a British company, High Tea is served every afternoon in the lounge. The white marble counters and deep blue walls and carpeting were designed by HKS Hospitality Interiors.


A rendering of Sip | Photo: Virgin Voyages

Will you try out the new champagne service from Virgin Voyages when you sail on Scarlet Lady? Let us know in the comments below!