The Best Part of an All-Inclusive Cruise? Free Drinks

The modern cruiser expects a lot from their cruise line. The accommodations have to be superb, the food excellent and the entertainment…well, entertaining. Another thing cruisers expect from their ships is a great value. The rise in “all-inclusive” cruises means passengers aren’t reaching for their wallets as much while on board the ship and that’s a good thing. For Saga, a cruise line based in the UK, all-inclusive now includes all house spirits, wine, beer and soft drinks will be included in the price of the ticket on board their ships Spirit of Discovery and Spirit of Adventure in 2020.

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Free Drinks? You Bet!

All-Inclusive Cruise

Drinks are included on board Saga Cruises in 2020 | Porthole Cruise

Okay, the drinks aren’t exactly free. They’re factored into the price of the ticket, but it’s still a much better value than purchasing drinks one at a time, particularly alcohol which can be expensive on board. Saga noticed a strong customer demand for all-inclusive cruisings and decided it was a great opportunity to improve their standing as a top luxury cruise line.

Nigel Blanks, CEO of Saga Cruises, explained why the move was important for their status as a luxury cruise line.

“Spirit of Discovery and Spirit of Adventure are the only boutique small ships being built with British market in mind. I firmly believe that our decision to move to all-inclusive cruising will not only sit well alongside our ‘Boutique Cruising’ proposition, it will also distance us further from the competition whilst giving those that choose to cruise with us an even more exclusive and value for money experience” he said.

Saga’s All-Inclusive Cruise Offerings

All inclusive drinks aren’t the only upgrade coming for Saga Cruises passengers in 2020. Other improvements include:

  • UK travel package to and from departure port
  • All on-board gratuities
  • All meals and entertainment
  • Afternoon tea
  • 24-hour room service
  • Welcome cocktail party
  • Unlimited tea and coffee in selected venues
  • FREE
  • Wifi
  • Porterage
  • Shuttle bus to nearest town center from a port
  • Optional travel insurance

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