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Replacing a smartphone after it’s been broken or dropped in the water isn’t fun, but LifeProof is changing the way we protect our expensive technology. It’s pretty common to see someone with a phone that’s in rough shape. From cracked screens to water damage, there’s almost no shortage of phone accidents someone can have when they’re out enjoying life. LifeProof is a company dedicated to helping people “Live Life Beyond Limits,” as their slogan goes.


Go anywhere with LifeProof

These phone cases offer protection from your standard drops and accidents, but also repel water, snow and more to ensure total water protection all day. You can submerse the case in water for up to an hour without it ruining your phone! The slim design doesn’t make phones bulky so it’s perfect for those who like to listen to music when they workout. Rain, sleet, snow and any other element is no match for the tight waterproof design and impact reduction case.

Will My Phone Work with LifeProof?

With options for both Android and Apple model phones, there’s no excuse for not giving your technology the protection it needs to take on the thrills of life. When you’re traveling, having great protection for your devices is so important because it’s very difficult to get things fixed when you’re on the go. A LifeProof case means you can literally dive into anything life throws your way.

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Along with a huge selection of phone cases, LifeProof has a number of other accessories as well making it easy to stay charged and protected when you’re taking life by the horns. Some of our favorites include car mounts, belt clips, headphone adapters and many more.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting the waves, the slopes, the skatepark or just texting and walking the dog, your phone is perfectly safe from drops and water damage so long as you trust LifeProof to save the day!