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MSC Cruises Launches Fleetwide Digital Innovation Program, “MSC for Me.”

MSC Cruises Launches Fleetwide Digital Innovation Program, “MSC for Me.”

Cruise News – Mar. 10, 2017

MSC Cruises has unveiled its fleet-wide digital innovation program: “MSC for Me.” After spending the past three years working with leading digital, tech, and behavioral science experts, MSC Cruises says the customer-centric program puts guests at the heart of every step of the development, design, and construction of its cruise ships. The company envisions a fleetwide rollout of the program to its 11 upcoming next-generation megaships, as well as to its 12 existing cruise ships.

MSC for Me  will debut on MSC Meraviglia, the cruise line’s first next-generation new megaship coming into service this June in the Mediterranean, which will be fitted with 16,000 points of connectivity, 700 digital access points, 358 informative and interactive screens, and 2,244 staterooms with RFID/NFC access technology. The program will next be rolled out on MSC Seaside when the ship launches in November.

“From day one, innovation has been at the very core of what MSC Cruises stands for,” said Pierfrancesco Vago, executive chairman of MSC Cruises. “Each time we bring to the market a new class of ship we develop a brand-new prototype, so that we can best address the evolving needs of guests.”

MSC for Me Key Features

+      Navigation: digital way finder that provides guests on board with advice, guidance, and information. The technology is similar to smart maps and helps find the way on the 1,000+-foot-long ships with a 16-foot precision. It also allows guests to locate their children, as needed.

+      Concierge: allows guests to easily book services, restaurants, excursions, and more in real time, 24/7.

+      Capture: digital immersive discovery through virtual reality to preview excursions, and a gallery with interactive screens that can be shared in real time.

+      Organizer: a planning tool for guests to check in with their mobile device, book trips, seats for shows, or dinner tables, either before embarking or when on board.

+      TailorMade: digital, personal advisor that will provide tailored recommendations based on preferences. Intelligent face recognition will help staff take care of guests in a highly personalized way. Interactive bracelets will connect guests to the ship’s services and will activate geo-located suggestions through 3,050 bluetooth beacons.

Guests of all ages can access MSC Cruises' new technology.
Overall, “MSC for Me” will provide guests with more than 130 smart features geared toward a fully optimized vacation experience. These include a dedicated app to help guests tailor their vacations at any point during their cruise.

To find out more about “MSC For Me,” click here or watch the intro video.

Photos: MSC Cruises

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