Making it Safer to Fly with Pets

You can’t bring your pet with you on every vacation, but a new service from VistaJet is making it safer and easier to fly with your furry friends. VistaPet is a new service designed to make sure all passengers make it to their destination, no matter how many legs they have.

Why VistaPet?

VistaJet is a top provider of business and corporate travel, but over the years they’ve noticed a  huge increase in their clients flying with animals. How big an increase? 104% to be exact. The company estimates that now 1 in 4 of their clients fly with an animal, with a 47% increase in dogs specifically.

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The troubling aspect of this is traditional air travel providers are woefully underprepared to handle the influx of pets in the skies. A major problem is that there isn’t a set standard for animal care and handling for all airlines.


Making Flying With Pets Safer

VistaPet began with a collaboration with experienced veterinary practitioners, groomers, dieticians and animal coaches to ensure the challenges faced when traveling with pets are taken care of. How do the do it? With a VistaPet Pochette of course!

VistaPet Pochette is a travel bag with everything your pet needs during and after a flight. Does your pet deserve the best food possible? Bio-organic pet food from Rockster offers high-quality nutrients in the air or on arrival. Random Rewards treats created by Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux are a unique mixture of dog training treats. Kibble Pet’s Travel Care Kit includes water-free shampoos and soothing wipes for salon quality fur care. Rope toys by Furzu keep dogs entertained during the flight.

It may seem like a luxury, but for those who are serious about taking their pets everywhere, VistaJet makes that possible. So the question remains, would you let your pet fly private? Let us know in the comments below!