Never Lose a Bag Again

It’s too easy to have your luggage lost while on the way to your beautiful cruise port! The more flight connections, taxi rides, and buses you take, the more your chances of going those first few days aboard without your master-collection of tropical t-shirts.

So we figured there had to be a solution, and that is how we got in touch with Luggage Forward…. Now this company is taking all the hassle out of getting your bags where they need to go.

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How Luggage Forward Works

  • Schedule the date, time and location you want your luggage picked up
  • Pack your bag normally without any special boxes, bags or instructions
  • You tell Luggage Forward where to drop off your bag
  • and Luggage Forward does the rest

This is even better for cruisers! You can have your luggage delivered and picked up directly from a cruise ship to your home or office.

Cruise Lines they are partnered with: Seabourn, Viking & Uniworld but they deliver to any other cruise line as well…. GUARANTEED.

What are the Perks?

  • No heavy luggage to carry through airports, to hotels and on ships
  • Bags are already waiting at your destination
  • You can use Luggage Forward  for normal bags as well as skis, golf clubs, fragile items and more
  • Perfect for international travel with all those connections

When you’re on vacation or traveling for business, a lost bag is one of the worst things that can happen. Luggage Forward takes your luggage from A to B without any worry, hassle or stress so you can focus on what’s really important!