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From the Readers: A Portal Porthole to a New World

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A Portal Porthole to a New World

I enjoy a good spoiler, so here it is: Take a cruise, at least, once in your life.

It’s been two weeks since my first cruise and I can confidently say that the entire experience is the epitome of decadence. Decadence, in my understanding, encompasses ease and abundance of anything you could ever imagine made available to you…essentially, whenever you want.

Besides the obvious fact of being out at sea, a cruise vacation is unlike anything that I’ve ever experienced before. I could list out every detail and I believe that every detail would lead to the root, customization. Before I continue, I’d like to say that one of my guiding snip-its of wisdom of just being a present human being is to always, “meet people where they are.” If this bit of wisdom was a “thing” I’d certainly argue that a cruise ship does just that.

Are you a planner? Not a problem, plan your daily itinerary months in advance! Not a planner? Not to worry! Download the cruise line’s app, the countless options are available in the palm of your hand. And while you wander to whatever you fancy next, get sidetracked and immersed in a new and unexpected adventure. Do you want quiet time? Take a stroll around the track or visit the spa. Do you want to be entertained? Check out the theatres, comedy shows, and so much more. Every moment caters to the full-bodied spectrum of what it means to be human – from indecision to decision, spontaneity to plans. It’s forgiving, in the most glorious way.

It’s natural when traveling with a group of people that you must go separate ways to enjoy everyone’s “likes.” And on this cruise that I took with my Mama, she likes to shop, and I like to walk and read about art or history. When we did both, we were still together. Aboard the ship, there is a fusion to do it all, even if it’s different likes, side by side at the same time! It’s refreshing to not find yourself in a position to put the things you love to do on hold, even if it’s just for a moment.

And behind the brilliance of customization and oozing decadence at every turn is the global crew who at every moment provided excellent and unmatched service. This is the crème de la crème of the cruise experience. Without the crew, the decadence would somehow seem stale and dull and perhaps rather annoying. And yet at every interaction of the 7-day cruise, the crew was patient and kind. When engaging with any staff member, it felt like I was the only customer that they were serving that day. And coming from a career in service, that is a goal I strive for every day and there is no greater feeling than to be on the receiving end.

To put it plainly, treat yourself to a reset. See the sunset from the upper deck and bask in the awe of Mother Nature. Dine in the bounty of tastefully curated meals. Be slow to rise in the morning. Extend the pause to remember, there is no place to be but the right here and right now…just aboard a ship, instead. Psst…*wink*

-Marie Larsen

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