flying with pets

Flying with Pets: What Do YOU Think?

Everyone’s family is different, especially for those with family members who bark or meow! Pets are undeniably part of the family and if you did any traveling this holiday season, it was easy to spot tails wagging in airports all across the country. Recently, The Go Group, an international ground transportation provider, conducted a survey where they polled travelers about what it’s like to fly with pets, whether they are yours or not.

The survey revealed many things about what people think about pets on airplanes, but one thing stood out above all else, 58% of respondents said it was the job of the airline to ensure pets are safe and secure when animals are required to ride in cargo rather than the cabin.

Flying with Pets: The Poll Results

One of the main focuses of the survey was when an animal should ride in the cabin with passengers or in the cargo section of the plane. While those with animals may balk at the idea of a dog or cat riding below with the bags, 55% of those responding to the survey said that only service animals should be allowed to ride in the cabin.

The Go Group CEO John McCarthy says safety, for both pets and people, needs to be at the forefront of the discussion.

“It is understandable that people have concerns about potential challenges of allowing animals in cabin areas,” he said.  “However, people also understand the dangers of animals traveling in cargo. We recommend that travelers tell their gate agents if they are allergic or prefer to be seated away from animals if there are any scheduled on their flight.”

As for the kind of animal, 45% of those surveyed said that only cats and dogs should fall into the service or support animal category when flying.

Different Rules for Different Flights

Part of what makes the whole process so confusing is the lack of uniformity across all airlines when it comes to flying with pets or service animals. Some may require a ride in cargo, others are fine with a person holding the animal on their lap much like they would a baby or toddler not big enough to sit alone in a seat safely. It’s important to do your research before you fly to make sure you aren’t blindsided by some pet policy when you get to the airport. 

Have you ever flown with your pets or a service animal? What was your experience? Would you do it again? Let us know in the comments below!