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Five Reasons You Can’t Refuse to Cruise

In our opinion, we never need a reason to cruise. But in case you need some quantifiable rationalization, we’ll give you five great reasons you can’t refuse to cruise.

Family Reunion

So Grandpa’s 70th birthday is coming up and the thought of renting a house in Tahoe again conjures vacation memories of morning runs for milk, trying to plan dinner for a party of 15, and constant struggles to keep the kids entertained — all day and all night (Left Right Center, anyone?). Instead, why not solve your family reunion logistical nightmare by simply choosing a cruise for whatever event or milestone is bringing you together. A celebration at sea is a surefire way to keep the entire gang happy.

Girls (or Guys) Getaway

A college reunion that’ll really get your fellow alums interested? A unique annual golf outing to present to the guys this year? If you want to get away with just the girls or just the guys, consider heading out to sea for some perfect quality time together. Hang out together as much as you want, and seek out solitude if you choose. As with any other group cruise, it’s an easy, valuable, fun option to gathering the whole gang.

A Deal You Can’t Refuse

You know the relative who loves to clip coupons for you, points you in the right direction when your favorite department store is having a BOGO sale, and forwards you email promos for that cruise you’ve been dying to try? LISTEN TO THEM! Cruise lines are all vying for your business all. the. time. So take advantage of their latest deals and special offers. HINT: It’s currently cruising’s “wave season,” which is typically January through March, when cruise lines feature their best offers. If you don’t have that relative, ask a travel agent who specializes in cruising to bring you up to speed on all the current deals available.

Big Birthday Bash

The Big 4-0 (or 2-1 or 5-0) only comes around once, so why not set sail for a lifetime of memories. Been hankering to explore your top bucket list destination? Chances are there’s a cruise that goes there. Been wanting to splurge on a luxury line or upgrade to a fancy suite? Now’s the time! Love a certain band, sport, or hobby? Maybe there’s a theme cruise that’ll be the perfect present from you to you. Enjoy it. You deserve it! (Take it from the person who just booked the 2016 NKOTB theme cruise in order to celebrate a “significant” upcoming birthday.)

Because You Never Have

They say there’s a first for everything and that you never know until you try. So if you already love to travel and have been on the fence about taking your first cruise, there’s no better time than the present. Whether you fancy a megaship with all the bells and whistles that you’ve heard about or dig a more intimate experience on a small ship exploring remote destinations, there is a cruise for you out there. We promise.


— Jodi Ornstein



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