European Waterways Set to Resume Operation

Luxury hotel barge cruising operator European Waterways is ready to resume operation on Europe’s most famous rivers thanks to the region beginning to reopen to tourists. The cruise line’s summer itineraries are packed with options for cruisers looking for that quintessential European river cruise experience. 

European Waterways’ Managing Director Derek Banks explained what guests can expect on their first cruise back. 

“After being homebound for more than a year, our guests simply want to get out into the world again, breathe in the fresh air, stretch their legs, and soak in the local culture, history and rustic beauty of their destinations,” Banks says. “Our daily excursions are never run on the clock. If they want to, our guests can spend hours wandering about the quaint, narrow streets of a charming small town or the lush grounds of a grand estate. They can enjoy unhurried, private tours to observe artisans at work or visit wineries and distilleries, learning about their ancient crafts and savoring the results.”

European Waterways

Photo: European Waterways

Small Ship, Big Experience 

The idea of getting on a giant cruise ship right away may not be very appealing to some cruisers, so small ships are going to be a big part of the resurgence of cruising. European Waterways operates ships with no more than 12 passengers and the vessels navigate the narrow canals and small rivers that are inaccessible to larger ships. 

“European Waterways’ cruises truly are about the journey and not the destination,” says Banks. “In addition to daily guided excursions into the heart of the cruise regions, our guests enjoy fabulous gourmet meals together and revel in the lost art of friendship and conviviality. Some of our guests may arrive as strangers but, traveling with such a small group of like-minded companions, everyone soon becomes friends. They end their nights in the saloon regaling each other with stories of their lives, on the deck taking in the cool evening air, sipping a glass of wine, or just relaxing and cherishing the moment.”