More People Searching for Travel Says CEO of Revelex

For more than 20 years, Revelex has provided a powerful booking engine for dozens of major cruise lines. Company CEO David Goodis has his pulse on not just cruising, but travel as a whole, and he joined Bill Panoff to discuss the state of the industry, what changes he’s seen in digital consumer behavior and where things are headed from here. Check out the interview!

People want to go on vacation. They want to travel. They need to travel for business, but they need to travel for personal reasons

Interview with Revelex CEO David Goodis 

Searches Are Up 

Goodis explained that bookings were down, obviously, as it will be another couple of months until cruise lines return to business. Despite not having bookings, there was still valuable data for him to analyze. 

“I’m taking a look at what’s still taking place. We’re seeing lots of searching going on, especially for 2021 and we’re seeing a lot of impactful data that’s telling me people are still looking, they’re curious, the content is interesting to them and they’re planning their trips now” Goodis said. 

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People may not feel comfortable booking at the moment since there’s so much unknown in the industry, but they’re looking long and hard for their cruise vacations in the coming years when things are back to normal.