CruiSea is Helping People Meet at Sea

Have you tried one of the apps out there to meet new people, romantically or otherwise? Now the CruiSea App is proving to be a game changer for the cruise industry as it offers users the ability to meet others on their cruise vacation, mingle, and communicate all from the comfort, security, and convenience of the CruiSea App.

CruiSea App: How it Works

One of the best features of the new app is that cruisers can get to know their fellow cruise passengers well before the cruise begins.The ability to meet others on the cruise via a social app solves one of the major problems cruise passengers face on a regular basis.

“A lot of people won’t go on a cruise because they must travel alone and don’t know anybody. They see themselves sitting alone at dinner and on the deck day after day while everybody else has fun. Our app solves that problem making it a game changer for the cruise industry,” said Kfir Evron, Co-Found and CEO of CruiSea.

Users of the app can set up their profile and begin to meet others who are on the cruise. They can chat, look at each other’s profiles, and arrange to meet aboard the ship or at ports of call.
The app is available as well for the cruise line crew members and for private charters.

This gives everyone the social connections they need ranging from singles looking for a romantic adventure to families who want to meet other families to share dancing, shopping, and conversations in the sun.

For those concerned about security, each user’s private details can be hidden from view.

CruiSea users can control their profile and photos from their phone. Set your age and gender preferences for the app to “Catch” you with others who are similar. This lets anyone quickly meet friends once they are on board, and even before while choosing the future cruise date.

Cruise officials note passengers seem to have more friends, more fun, and a far greater level of satisfaction. Quite simply, Cruisea is changing the cruise experience for thousands of passengers, making it a much more rewarding and exciting experience for all.

Have you ever cruised alone and had trouble meeting people? Let us know if you would try the Cruisea app in the comments below!