Cruise Wellness: The Integration Of Exploration & Fitness

Going to the gym!

We’ve all been there. We’ve all hated it. We’ve all needed it. We’ve all listed
it in our New Year’s resolutions. I candidly admit that I’m am a habitual transgressor and can
invent troves of excuses in a nanosecond, some legitimate, some entirely bogus. I contend that
I’m in shape, just not the shape I like. I do lift weights, about twenty pounds that I’d like to lose.
I attribute some of my moderate girth to 15 years of life onboard cruise ships as cruising in
years gone by was generally depicted as non stop binging on food and drink. But with today’s
new generation of cruise ships, gymnasiums and fitness programs provide a feel good
opportunity to jump start a legitimate health regimen.

Photo Credit: Gary Bembridge/flikr

The onboard atmosphere of cruise ship gyms differs from traditional sweat rooms in the fact that there is no monthly fee, no need to drive to a cavernous facility and these vessels generally have state of the art equipment. The “I don’t have time to workout” excuse doesn’t fly either, as leisure time at sea can be put to good use with a short walk to the onboard spa.

I’ve come to actually enjoy leisure cruise time on ship treadmills, ellipticals and stair climbers while staring out at the beautiful sea through floor to ceiling panoramic windows. Notwithstanding the convenience of readily available equipment, trained fitness staff conduct fitness seminars and lead spinning, aerobic, pilates and Zumba classes.

The evolution of cruising has integrated the concept of exploration into fitness awareness. In addition to innovative spa and gym facilities, menu selections lean towards lighter and healthier
cuisine. Tweaking your fitness attitude alongside a luxurious cruise holiday is an appealing