Cruise News July 24, 2015: MSC Loyalty Program

MSC Cruises Launches New Guest Loyalty Program

MSC Cruises announced this week the launch of a brand-new loyalty program, MSC Voyagers Club, which provides increased benefits to members. Replacing MSC Club, the new loyalty program is designed to reward repeat guests and reinforce the company’s goal of offering the ultimate experience before and after their cruise. Joining the MSC Voyagers Club is free of charge.

Before even setting sails, guests will be able to enjoy a “Welcome Level,” which just requires a confirmed booking. Of the five-tiered membership program, other levels include Classic, Silver, Gold, and Black. Personalized cruise cards will be issued to each MSC Voyagers Club member directly on board with their designated membership level. As part of the new program, guests will earn points according to experience booked (Bella, Fantastica, Aurea, or MSC Yacht Club) as well as length of stay. Points will also be given to guests for spending money on board, as well as shore excursions, spa treatments, and beverage packages.

MSC Voyagers Club members will also have an opportunity to gain exclusive access to significant discounts on future cruises. Members will receive a 5 percent discount on all cruise departures excluding the Welcome Level. A selection of cruises for members called Voyages Selection, will offer an extra 15 percent off, which in total is 20 percent off future cruises. For higher-tier members, when booking a cruise from the Voyages Selection, all Silver-, Gold-, and Black-level members will receive $50 onboard credit per person. Other privileges include a cocktail party, complimentary basket of fruit in the stateroom, and onboard discounts on Internet, spa treatments, movies, photos, and minibar items. Top-tier members will also be granted priority boarding, priority disembarkation in ports where a tender boat is required, late stateroom check out when the ship returns to port, and more.

For more information about MSC’s Voyagers Club loyalty program, click here.
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