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Sneak Peek: Cirque Du Soleil COSMOS, EXENTRICKS on MSC Grandiosa

Fans of MSC Cruises woke up to a surprise this morning when the cruise line released never before seen images and videos of their newest Cirque Du Soleil shows on board MSC Grandiosa. The cruise line and famed acrobat company first got together in 2015 prior to the completion of MSC Mergaviglia which was the first of MSC’s ships to feature a Cirque Du Soleil performance. 

 Cirque Du Soleil COSMOS and EXENTRICKS

In COSMOS, Journey to the Unbelievable, guests experience a breathtaking voyage across the galaxy with a brave astronaut on a quest for self-discovery. Audiences of EXENTRICKS, Expect the Unexpected, are caught off guard at every turn in this high-spirited spectacle. 

The new acrobatic performance ‘Ginger Rope’ in COSMOS features three artists using a unique acrobatic apparatus developed specifically for the show. Aerialists fly gracefully in orbit on the rotating stage on moving ropes embodying rings around the planets. For the first time for any Cirque du Soleil at Sea show, EXENTRICKS puts guests in the center of the show with audience participation playing a vital role in the story, bringing MSC Cruises guests closer to the artists than ever before.

Each Cirque du Soleil at Sea show is an original production exclusively created for MSC Cruises’ Meraviglia generation ships. With six original shows, Cirque du Soleil is constantly pushing its creative boundaries, reinventing its processes, challenging the status quo and exploring new territories to create inspiring and captivating experiences that are sure to delight MSC Cruises guests. 

MSC Cruises is one of the fastest growing cruise brands and partnerships of such magnitude are part of the reason why. Entertainment on board cruise ships is something Porthole Cruise Magazine readers take seriously and cruisers are always looking for the next great show at sea. 

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