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Travel and Comfort Go Together with Brave Era

Comfort is everything, especially when you travel. People have long been looking for a way to take the comforts of home with them when they travel and a cool new company called Brave Era is helping make that possible.

The company is revolutionizing how travelers experience comfort will somer really awesome products designed to make your trip more enjoyable.

Luxury 100% Silk Travel Sheets

Brave Era

Brave Era 100% Silk Sheets | Photo: Brave Era website

The first thing you notice when you take these sheets out of their handy travel bag is the quality. The silk is fantastic; light, breathable and very durable. Weighing only 6oz and machine washable, these sheets are a weary travelers best friend. The sheets are hypoallergenic and can repel all manner of critters, including bed bugs and mosquitos which can carry diseases. Silk’s natural breathability means you stay cool even in the warmest environments.

Are you tall? The sheets are designed to accommodate people up to 6’6” in a comfortable and roomy fit. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a weekend camping trip or heading around the world for a few months, these sheets are a must have for any traveler or adventure seeker.


Brave Era Silk Sleep Mask

Traveling can be tough for someone who likes their sleep. Going from planes to trains and taxis for hours isn’t exactly the most relaxing. Brave Era’s Silk Sleep Mask is another great product designed to help vacationers and travelers get some shuteye and recharge for their next adventure. The sleep mask is made from the same premium quality material as the sheets so it’s lightweight, comfortable and fully adjustable for heads of all shapes and sizes.

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The mask is very comfortable on your face for hours and it does a great job blocking out light so you can catch some zzz’s no matter where you are. It’s the perfect accompaniment to Brave Era’s silk sheets.


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