Attend Your Favorite Cruise Ship Art Auction From Home

There’s a lot people miss about cruising. From exploring new ports of call to the impeccable service that makes you feel like royalty, cruising is an experience you can’t recreate anywhere else. Since the industry went on pause, cruisers all over the world have been waiting patiently for their chance to get back on board. They miss hanging by the lido deck, enjoying the 5-star cuisine, and of course, checking out the impressive art collection and sitting in on a fun and fast-paced art auction. 

In order to help people pass the time while we wait to cruise again, Park West Gallery, the world’s largest art dealer, decided to bring the best parts of a cruise ship art auction to online events and they left us thoroughly impressed with the whole process. Park West Gallery is one of the foremost authorities on art auctions at sea, overseeing thousands of auctions each year on board major cruise lines like Carnival, Celebrity, Norwegian, MSC, Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises. They’ve recreated the experience of attending and bidding on art for cruisers who miss enjoying the experience with their glass of bubbly on board a cruise ship. We found attending the preview shows and live auction to be fun and exciting experience, all you need is an internet connected device and some free time in the evenings!

Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery art on display | Photo: Park West Gallery

It’s easy to sign up and attend, and each new guest is assigned their very own art concierge and $250 in bid credits to put towards their next new piece of art from a master like Romero Britto, Peter Max or Pablo Picasso! We found that browsing the catalog before the auction was just as much fun as the auction itself. 

How to Attend an Online Art Auction

Life is certainly complicated these days, that’s why Park West Gallery designed an online art auction that’s designed to be enjoyed right from home. There are no costs or obligations for signing up to view the gallery and attend the auction. If you see something you like, great! If not, Park West is showing new pieces and artists each week so there are new chances to find something you can’t live without. 

The first step is visiting Park West Gallery’s online auction registration page and adding yourself to the list of VIP attendees. It takes just seconds to enter your information and a Park West Gallery VIP Associate reaches out to you with everything you need to know about the auction. They also introduce you to your very own Art Concierge who knows everything about the artists and pieces on display prior to the auction. Any questions or concerns you may have about a piece of art or the process of bidding can be answered by your Art Concierge. Our concierge, Adrian, was quick to let us know an email and phone number we could reach him at in case any questions came up during the auction.

Photo: Park West Gallery

Once your Art Concierge ensures you’re successfully logged into the catalog, it’s time for the best part, browsing the art! Park West Gallery curates an almost endless list of styles and mediums; oil painting, watercolors, acrylics, drawings, etchings, carvings, statues and so much more. Looking for a specific artist? Use the catalog’s sidebar to navigate through each artist and the date of each artist. To make things even easier, Park West Gallery included a ‘heart’ button in the description of each piece which allows guests to save their favorites in an easy-to-locate folder at the top of the page. 

First-time attendees are the biggest winners, as they receive $250 in pre-bid collectors cash to spend at the auction. Another great way to earn collectors cash is to finance your new piece of art through Park West. Your Art Concierge can help guide you through all your options when you sign up to attend an auction. Adrian clearly explained how to the process worked and assured us he’d be there every step of the way. 

Make sure you tune into the preview shows prior to each auction as professional art curators from Park West give an in-depth preview at different works and artists so bidders can gain a new perspective and appreciation for each piece. 

There’s something to be gained from attending an auction even if you don’t see anything that catches your eye. Art auctions are supposed to be fast-paced, fun and exciting and the team at Park West Gallery is able to recreate that atmosphere for viewers at home. Friendly and engaging auctioneers take bids with their signature speedy style and when a bidding war breaks out, watch out! Things can get exciting very quickly and you don’t want to miss out on the entertainment. Tuning into a virtual art auction isn’t a boring lecture about art, it’s an exciting live event that’s just like attending a Park West auction at sea! 

Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery curates works from some of the world’s most famous artists | Photo: Park West Gallery

Park West has turned online art auctions into weekend-long events complete with multiple viewing days and auctions offering unique pieces of art and different artists each time. It’s easy to see which art is being auctioned on which day when you log into your account and navigate through the digital catalog. Make sure you’re in the know so you don’t miss out on bidding on something you love! 

Why Bid with Park West Gallery?

There’s a reason Park West Gallery is known throughout not just the cruise industry, but also the world. It starts with experience. Park West Gallery first began collecting art in 1969 and since then, has helped more than 3 million people start their very own art collection. Consummate professionals, Park West Gallery goes out of their way to ensure authenticity, trust and only the highest standards set by the most respected museums and auction houses all over the world. 

Park West Gallery

Photo: Park West Gallery

Each piece of art undergoes an extensive archiving and cataloging process to ensure buyers have the most important and up to date information on every piece of art they bid on. The gallery’s goal isn’t just to curate auctions, but also educate and help people gain an appreciation for the arts. Park West Gallery is happy to help assist and educate those who are just beginning their journey towards art ownership. 

It’s been a challenging year for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up one of your favorite things about a cruise vacation. Park West Gallery is inviting you to take part in their online art auctions and the perks just for attending couldn’t be better. From free gifts to $250 in collector’s cash to spend, anyone looking to add to their personal art collection will love the program designed by Park West! You can sign up for the next auction when you register at Park West Gallery’s Online Auction Registration page!



This post was sponsored by Park West Gallery.