AmaWaterways Explores Ways To Minimize Fuel Consumption

Today, AmaWaterways announced it will continue efforts toward sustainable cruising by exploring ways to minimize fuel consumption. AmaWaterways is working to reduce its environmental impact by using solar panels on ships, improving navigation systems to optimize fuel consumption, and brainstorming solutions for food waste issues. 

“Sustainability is the top and ever-present responsibility of every company in the travel industry,’’ said Rudi Schreiner, co-founder and president of AmaWaterways. “Each of our ships and every itinerary we operate is thoughtfully designed to minimize fuel consumption but the impact we have on the local communities is also of utmost importance to us.”

According to Schreiner, AmaWaterways is working with local designers, architects, and suppliers to build the brand’s newest ships in Colombia. 

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AmaWaterways’ Commitment to Sustainability

AmaWaterways’ AmaKristina became the first river cruise ship to receive the Green Award in 2019, which recognizes ships in Europe for their sustainability, safety, and quality. Since then, 19 AmaWaterways river cruises have earned the award. 

Several ships are testing a new River Track Pilot navigation system to optimize fuel use. AmaWaterways has also changed breakfast and lunch buffets to full service a la carte menus to reduce food waste by up to 30%. The Zambezi Queen and AmaManga lead the AmaWaterways fleet in sustainability. 

Zambezi Queen:

  • The ship uses a five-stage water purification plant, using river water for tap water and showers onboard.
  • The ship’s water jet propulsion system ensures there is no damage to the riverbed. 
  • Low-emission generators sustain the ship throughout the day while it runs on battery power during the night. 


  • The ship uses a 10-engine diesel/electronic hybrid system that reduces fuel usage and noise levels.
  • This year, the AmaMagna will feature solar panels that will reduce energy consumption related to heating and cooling of staterooms. 

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By Lily Ogburn