5 Reasons to Book a Charter Yacht Instead of a Cruise

Have you been dreaming about relaxing on a tropical beach with the sun shining overhead and your toes in the sand? Then this column is for you. Cruisers have been landlocked for months now and until the CDC gets things figured out, it could very well be a few months more. Thankfully there’s a vacation experience offering many of the same benefits of a cruise with a whole bunch more as well. 

Yachting may never have interested you in the past, but given the current state of the world, it just might be the most preferred vacation available right now. When it comes to private yacht charters in the Caribbean, only Goolets has the personalized service and impressive yacht selection to offer a once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience. 

Here are five reasons why you should book a charter yacht instead of a Caribbean cruise this year! 

Exclusive and Private

It’s hard to have a relaxing and private vacation when you’re on board a cruise ship with several thousand other people.  When you charter a private yacht around the Caribbean, it’s nothing but privacy and relaxation. Yachts are built for comfort and have many different areas in which to enjoy your vacation without any strangers to share with. It’s just you, your guests and the dedicated staff on board. 









Personalize Your Vacation

When you charter a yacht in the Caribbean, there’s no shortage of amazing islands to explore. Booking a cruise means you’re stuck going to where the cruise takes you. For many cruisers, that means inevitably visiting the same islands over and over. Charter yachts are captained by professionals, but where you go is up to you! The team at Goolets will help you craft a custom itinerary where you get to visit the places you want, and none of the places you don’t. Smaller ports, more exotic locales and all from the comfort of a luxury yacht, what sounds better than that?









More Adventure

When your charter yacht drops anchor in the Caribbean, the only choice you have is whether to catch some rays on the sundeck, or head down to the sports deck where jet skis, kayaks, sailboats and more await. Today’s yachts are unlike any other with enough toys to keep everyone entertained. Since a yacht is much smaller than a cruise ship, that means your captain can bring you into the most picturesque Caribbean coves and deserted beaches. The whole region is your playground when you book a Caribbean yacht charter









Socially Distanced

Who knew that ‘social distancing’ would end up being the most important phrase of 2020. Cruise ships haven’t been operating precisely because of concerns about social distancing, but that isn’t a problem with a private yacht charter. Even when you book a yacht with a handful of your friends or family, there’s plenty of room on board without having to worry about getting too close to somebody you don’t know. When you’re sitting on a tropical beach on a tiny, uninhabited Caribbean island, you know you’re doing social distancing the right way. 









Luxury Service

The best part about going on a cruise is being waited on hand and foot. You go on vacation so you don’t have to worry about things like cooking dinner or making your bed. A private yacht charter is defined by luxury service in every aspect of the trip. From meals to accommodations, private yachts are the pinnacle of luxury and the team of seasoned professionals who staff them are well-trained in providing an extraordinary experience. 

Whether you’re booking for a special occasion or simply looking for a fun and safe vacation after all these months at home, consider a private yacht charter if you haven’t already. When you work with a professional yacht charter service like Goolets that specializes in Caribbean yacht rentals, the sky’s the limit with how amazing your vacation can be! 

This post was sponsored by Goolets.