3 Ways to Spend the Day in Gangneung, Korea

Gangneung, the site of several indoor 2018 Winter Olympics events, is an idyllic city on the Eastern coast of South Korea filled with picturesque beaches, vibrant parks, and or course, traditional Korean cuisine. Many were introduced to the region during the 2018 games and for those planning a trip to this new and unique part of the world, here are some things you can’t afford to miss!

Every world traveler should visit this city at least once in their lifetime. Museums and landmarks are a teaching moment for South Korean culture and be sure to bring your best camera for photos of the exquisite landscapes, beaches, and wildlife. Beach lovers will absolutely love this destination on the coast and the people who are native to Gangneung are beginning to make tourism a bigger part of the local economy.

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Beach It

Despite hosting the Winter Olympics, Gangneung is actually known for it’s beaches and parks packed with exotic plants, animals and scenery. Jumunjin Beach is known for being a tourist destination and a favorite among westerners. Visitors get an up-close glimpse of the East China Sea while trying seafood from the other side of the world. Jeongdongjin Beach is a little quieter for those who enjoy relaxing by the sea without all the activities and noise.

The Jeongdong-Simgok Badabuchae-Gil Trail is perfect for travelers who love an easy stroll along the coast. This area is less touristy than the other two beaches and is surrounded by calm waves and rocky terrain.

Make Time for a History Lesson

This city in South Korea has a multitude of different museums to discover. Some are dedicated to the art while others are dedicated to focusing on the countries heritage, culture, and history. Visiting this city is ideal for both adventurous travelers and those who love to learn about the culture of those they’re visiting.

The Charmsori Gramophone & Edison Science Museum allows visitors to learn about ancient instruments and the origin of Korean music. Discover South Korean innovation from both ancient times and more recent eras. This city is known for its elaborate museums with tons of belongings and relics packed on the inside.

Test Your Tastebuds

Korean styled barbeques and soup shops make this a fascinating place to wine and dine. A variety of seafood and other Asian cuisines allow Gangneung‎ to be a popular area for tourists. You’ll most commonly find a soup with noodles, vegetables, and dumplings. Since this town is full of tourists and travelers, they’ve begun incorporating popular American dishes into their cuisines as well.

The wide variety of dining options from fast food to steakhouses and native cuisine there’s something for anyone to try. Burger shops and Italian styled restaurants can be found in Gangneung‎ as well.

Those with a sweet tooth can enjoy ice cream, donuts, and cakes. Bakeries fill the streets and include traditional Korean dessert dishes. Places like Dolceteria Bakery and Krispy Creme turn out to be very popular among the locals. The use of fruits and bright colors adds an extra flare to their deserts which shows off the theme of this city in South Korea.

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