Writers’ Guidelines

Submitting Story Ideas to Porthole Cruise Magazine

The following are some style/content requirements essential to any story that is published in Porthole Cruise Magazine and the PPI Group.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the magazine. We are consumer, not trade.
  2. Look for an unusual angle. Almost every story/destination/ship you pitch has been pitched before. Usually more than once. Look for the unique aspect of where you are going and make that your story.
  3. Cruise-related. Remember, all stories published in Porthole must relate to things that are cruise-passenger accessible.
  4. Quotes please! A good story cannot stand without quotes. Bring the people who you encountered into the story with their words and let them help you tell your story. Avoid trite phrases as quotes, though, such as “We had a wonderful time,” and “The food was delicious.”
  5. Keep it focused. Please do not send us accounts of your lovely, spectacular, or breathtaking family cruise vacation from point of embarkation to debarkation.
  6. Details please. Good descriptions go a long way. Concentrate on vivid details, personal anecdotes, and unusual experiences.
  7. Beyond the obvious: Please refrain from repeating the contents of press releases.

How to Submit

We prefer queries by email only. Please keep your queries brief and let us know your credentials as a professional writer.

Email to:  publications@ppigroup.com

Besides Porthole Cruise Magazine, PPI Group publishes a variety of custom publications (see PPI Group Publications) as well as non-magazine items on the porthole.com website.

We are not responsible for unsolicited queries, manuscripts, or photos sent by mail, even those that include a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope. Again, by emailing your queries, you ensure that they reside in our database for future consideration.

Please note that we work months in advance. Please be patient and realize that a response and/or assignment may come months, even up to a year, after your query is received. We generally assign four to six weeks before due date. Payment is made upon publication.