BREW Urban Cafe

Hidden Gems of Fort Lauderdale: BREW Urban Cafe

A great cup of coffee should be an experience, that’s the philosophy at this hidden gem in the heart of Fort Lauderdale’s FATVillage Arts District. Visitors to BREW Urban Cafe aren’t subject to mass produced cups of joe and a revolving door of customers in and out. Instead, it’s an atmosphere to be as enjoyed just as much as the Americano or cold brew you sip on.

A Look Inside BREW Urban Cafe

BREW Urban Cafe

You never know what you’ll find at BREW Urban Cafe | Photo: Autiumn Sturm @thatseasonalgirl

BREW Urban Cafe is part of a unique collaboration called Next Door at C&I, which is aimed at bringing the community together through art, music charity and of course, great coffee served by expert baristas. People are particular about their coffee and for good reason. A great cup of espresso or drip coffee in the right setting has the power to set your entire day in motion the right way.

BREW doesn’t look like the chain coffee shops with weirdly sterile and metallic vibes. It’s more like having a cup of coffee in the library of an old castle in the woods, even though you’re just minutes from busy Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. Charming, yet well-equipped for all your coffee needs, you won’t find another environment quite like it in Fort Lauderdale. With a menu that changes with the seasons, it’s clear freshness and quality are always at the forefront.

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What is FATVillage Arts District?

FATVillage Arts District is as far from the beach tourism that makes South Florida so popular as you can get. It’s a community of designers, artists, musicians and all number of creative professionals who seek to get outside the standard office setting and add some style to daily life.

In the evenings, patrons come back and enjoy a full bar, outstanding music and even better company. BREW Urban Cafe’s commitment to local art and expression means there’s usually a new artist on display or event to enjoy. Just a little coffee shop? Not even close. That’s why BREW Urban Cafe makes our list of hidden gems in Fort Lauderdale!

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